I warn you, whoever you are,
Oh! You who want to probe the arcana of nature,
that if you do not find within yourself that which you are looking for,
you shall not find it outside either!
If you ignore the excellences of your own house,
how do you pretend to find other excellencies?
Within you is hidden the treasure of treasures!
Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.



From the beginning, we have dedicated our time,
in observing the external world,
looking for our origins, our reason for Being
and the object of our existence.

However, such a search has been without a doubt,
a complete failure.

As a result,
confusion and bewilderment.

Spiritualism? Materialism?
That is real ?, which is true?

Ideas, reasoning,
theories and beliefs, speculation, etc.

Nothing tangible, nothing can be proved ...
Simple illusory formalities of mind.

The most paradoxical,
is that while we have illustrated and documented
the external world to our mind,
in order to know everything,
the only certainty is that we do not know everything
about ourselves.
We accommodate passengers and superficial concepts
to give a justification for our existence,
and why we invest all the time the same.

The only real way of knowing the universe,
It is through the inner knowledge or himself,
Being individually as each is itself
a world scale.

If everyone takes the time to know yourself,
by law of correspondence will know the Universe.

Knowledge of self
is based on four pillars:

Science, Psychology, Art and Mysticism.

These pillars were taught by
the Mayans, Greeks, Egyptians, Incas, Aztecs,
and all the other great civilizations
that have inhabited the planet.
Now they have again come to light,
alternatively the radical processing.













" The Being is Being,
and the Reason for Being, is the same Being "






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