The physical body is a complete unit and works as an organic whole,
unless being sick, however,
the inner life of the humanoid is not a psychological unit.
No person is the same continuously.
You really do not need to be very wise
to realize the myriad changes
and contradictions of each subject.


Psychological I, is never a single, unitary, unitotal.
Obviously the self is selves.
Just as water is made up of many drops,
and the flame is made up of many igneous particles
and the Ego is composed of many egos.
If I think of each as a different person,
we can state emphatically that:
Within each person living in the world, there are many people.
Each of these egos, is a desire to fight for supremacy
who wants to be exclusive, uses and controls
our will, mind, emotion, instinct and sex
whenever you can, while another moves.

None of us
has real, permanent, eternal ego, etc.
Each of our psychological defects
is embodied in this or that ego.
Since we have thousands and even millions of faults,
many people live within us.


Entertainment, gambling, leisure, optimism,
pessimism, laziness, cowardice, uncleanliness, trust ...

Theft, greed, usury, curious, scam, contests, gambling ...

Drugs, alcoholism, morbid, coquetry, nudity, masturbation,
adultery, pornography, homosexuality, lesbianism,
oral sex, anal sex ...

Vanity, conceit, self-sufficiency,
egotism, arrogance ...

Hate, anger, revenge, violence,
slander, calumny, tyranny, betrayal ...

Anorexia, bulimia, gluttony, cheapness,
waste, illusion, delusion, fanaticism, skepticism ...

Jealousy, competition, criticism, frustration, comparison ...



We are puppets of each ego,
and worse, ignore that we ignore,
we are unconscious and slaves of desire,
to make matters worse, we flaunt what we are aware,
that we are free, that no one manipulates us,
when in fact, all our egos do.

Whenever an ego manifests steals our energy,
it feeds on it, and continuously strengthened.
To exhaust ourselves energetically
all kinds of psychosomatic diseases originate,
fatigue and aging.

97% of each Being Consciousness
is trapped in the millions of egos
inhabiting the psyche
also called psychic aggregates,
sins, darkness, error, or psychological defects.

The remaining 3% is free,
but is asleep because of the psychological defects.
The psychological death involves
placed in operation on 3% free Consciousness
through Self-observation, Reflection and Elimination.



To discover directly
multiple elements of psychological I,
need a sense of self-observation or wakefulness.
This sense allows us to observe, from moment to moment,
each of our emotions, thoughts,
reactions, acts, omissions and words
which are permanently controlled
by egos that we carry within.




Through meditation and careful study of each defect,
is real understanding, and
Wisdom stuck on.
Then we will see that there is no reason to be
to continue in us. 




The mind can justify or condemn
a psychological defect,
also speculate or name it,
but has the ability to remove it.

To completely delete a,
only be invoked
part of our free Consciousness (3%)
called MOTHER (Isis, Virgin Mary, Kundalini,Tonantzin).
Every human being has its own particular Inner Mother.
She is the only force superior to the mind,
with function disintegrate any psychic aggregate
we have previously observed and understood.

"MOTHER, eliminate this defect "

This single process will increase releasing and
gradually our awareness
subject to the defects.
This work must be done
at all times and in all places,
whether in the countryside, in the city,
at work in the studio, at home, etc.














The possibility of BEING
is in force in all human beings as
through its Creative Sexual Energy.
In the world there are many ideologies, beliefs
and everyone is free to speak,
but the only force that has the power to transform,
was the one that created us,
which put us on the stage of existence,
ie Sexual Energy.

There are 3 kinds of sexuality:
Normal sex


Throughout the development of humanity,
objective ignorance of sexuality,
has brought humanity to Infrasexuality,
that is, the maximum degrees of
physical and psychological degeneration.
Found in fornication, infidelity,
lesbianism, homosexuality, masturbation,
rape, pornography, prostitution,
oral sex, anal sex and other vices psychosexual.

The sexual activity conducive to the reproduction of the species
is the Normal Sex ,
living according to the interests of Nature.
When male sperm fertilizes the female egg
the new physical body is created, for a Being,
developed nine months in the womb of the mother.




The Supra-sex is the way
transcendental transformation and regeneration,
given between man and woman,
with bonds of love, fidelity and chastity.
So existential bodies of the Being are created,
making a wise use of sexuality.

In the ever Supra-sex no loss of sexual energy.
During sexual union, this energy is transmuted
to create our internal bodies.

Every body is a vehicle created
that gives us real manifestation
in the corresponding dimension.

Atmic body
7th dimension

Buddhic body
6th dimension

Causal body
6th dimension

Mental body
5th dimensional

Astral body
5th dimensional

Vital body
4th dimension

Physical Body
3rd dimension


In Suprasexuality physical vitality is obtained,
are put into activity areas in the brain,
abilities and special powers are received ...

There are three requirements in the Supra-sex:

The transcendental yearning without animal pleasure.

Do not spill the Creative Sexual Energy,
during sex under any circumstances.

In thought and deed,
maintaining a stable and unique couple.
And it does not get any infrasexual practice.












The development of inner work,
involves the development of love for ourselves
and selfless service to their fellow human beings.

The work of spreading the Knowledge Objective
disinterested (non-profit),
is the alternative feed that every person possesses.


"It is urgent to enhance the Gnostic Esoteric Work
it is essential to understand and appreciate,
if you really yearn for a radical change.
It is essential to love our neighbors, study
Gnosis and bring this teaching to all people
otherwise fall into selfishness.

If one is engaged in esoteric work on itself,
but gives no instruction to others,
his inner progress becomes very difficult
for lack of love of neighbor.

He who receives, and the more of, but will receive
but gives nothing, even what he has
will be taken away,
that is the Law. "

Samael Aun Weor















Theories, assumptions and beliefs,
atrophy and hold our mind,
providing ambiguous, confusing information
and often false.

Experimentation is the basis of Conscious Science.
Experiment and Check:

Relaxation, Concentration, Conscious Astral Projection,
Meditation and Hindsight. Tools that allow you to experience and learn
phenomena directly and dimensions of the Universe,
receiving its own knowledge.




It is the technique that allows us to completely dominate our body,
for not resisting practices.
With it we are liberated from all mental, emotional tension,
and physical muscles, tendons and nerves.





It is the most important power that a human being can develop.
The name given, comes from the contraction of the phrase:
"Action-centered Consciousness"
That is, the direct manifestation of our BEING
from moment to moment.
Commonly we live decentralized or dispersed, sleeping,
bringing our awareness to the future or the past.
Because of this we make mistakes in our activities,
We are in an accident, and suffer for not seeing external reality.
With concentration we have the ability
perfect to make all our works,
peace and living the present.





The astral projection,
is the separation of the physical body and the astral body,
the process is commonly called sleep.
The astral plane or dream world, is the fifth dimension
to which we all unconsciously during sleep.
The goal is to go out consciously to FIFTH DIMENSION,
This requires for the practice of conscious astral projection.
Here there is no time, nor distance, is the world of eternity;
we can investigate our previous existences (hindsight)
know our planet, talk to the teachers of the White Brotherhood,
and do research ...





Meditation should be transcendental type.
electromagnetic planes BEING,
waking consciousness. There will be a total absence of ego.
When you want wisdom,
we have no choice but to learn to meditate
then there in the sixth and the seventh dimension
we can only go one way:
free gag the ego and Essence.
This practice, after learning to do,
it becomes very simple.







" The Being is Being,
and the Reason for Being, is the same Being "





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