is a nonprofit organization,
founded to grow, spread and defend
scientific, philosophical, artistic and religious teachings
of the Humanity

We are a group of men and women of good will,
grouped in countries, cities, towns and villages,
to teach the way of spiritual development
through the development of consciousness.

We establish study rooms,
where we instruct for free to interested persons,
regardless of age, creed, sex, race,
stratum or intellectual preparation.
We give lectures in permanent, continuous and free cycles.
Admission is free and completely open to humanity.

Our organization,
subjected to the laws of the Colombian state and abroad,
acting in defense and compliance mandates
the Constitution and protect the family.

disseminated Gnostic and Transcendental knowledge
of the various cultures of the world,
respecting the religious, ethnic and ideological diversity,
and cultivating solidarity, altruism and fraternity
among humans.

Our teaching is summarized in the 4 pillars of wisdom.


Our studies and conferences
are based on the teachings delivered by
the V.M Samael Aun Weor and V.M Rabolu,
this does not go looking for anyone.

The studies are the basis for each person,
make contact with God within,
which is the guide to their particular life.

We give lectures in permanent and continuous cycles,
entry is free, it is completely open to humanity.

We are interested in lecturing at the site as required.











The V. M. Samael Aun Weor was born in Bogotá, Colombia on March 3, 1917.
His great spiritual concerns, led to extensive research
in the field of psychology, anthropology, science, practical esotericism, alchemy,
early Christianity, religions, and initiation schools in the world,
in the history of each breed.

His work recovers the essence of practical knowledge,
teaching us that, except for the symbolic difference
all religions and mystery schools,
had, taught and practiced essentially the same knowledge.

In addition to his exemplary life, his doctrine was printed
more than 100 works, translated into different languages​​;
teaching which in turn is synthesized in 5 major works recommended by him.

Of all his books, he noted,
only in these 5 are accurate and necessary
for anyone who really wants to delve into their inner world,
through direct testing.
As a prerequisite for this,
"Go beyond the mere literal interpretation of intellectual character."
So people who do not carry this knowledge into practice,
always be able to understand it varied.

He founded the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement of Colombia, in the year 1960,
whose principles are practiced today in over 40 countries worldwide.
He died in Mexico City on 24 December 1977
having spent his entire life selflessly for the good of mankind.

He achieved its objectives,
leave to bring this teaching to all mankind,
and in front of her, V. M. Rabolú
in the person of Joaquin Amórtegui E. Valbuena,
who reads the following:

"The V. M. Rabolú as Karma Judge, has absolute power
to establish the order is made wherever necessary.
Undoubtedly, V. M. Rabolú must demolish many clay idols
and correct many mistakes. "





Joaquín Enrique Amortegui Valbuena was born in 1926 in Tolima, Colombia.
He watched nature with the wisdom of the child. He grew up and lived a life
common citizen, with the errors and defects that compose it.

Even so, he discovered the revolutionary teaching of V.M. Samael Aun Weor
and worked tirelessly
with the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness.

In the 1960s, and especially in the 1970s,
He performed a tireless work, disclosure of gnostic knowledge,
with countless trips throughout Latin America.

In 1975, V. M. Samael recognized V. M. Rabolú
in the person of Joaquín Enrique Valbuena Amortegui,
ie, that the Bodhisattva had played his Inner Being,
authorizing the V. M. Rabolú to legislate, to transform, to try and resolve
problems related to the Gnostic Movement.

The V. M. Rabolú established the New Order,
in order to give a New Octave in the Gnostic Movement.
In 1980, V. M. Rabolú made ​​a new effort to unify the Gnostic Institutions
focusing on the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness.

In the 1980s, gave countless interviews and conferences
of which came out a few books and Christmas messages.
He visited more than 12 countries, conducting conferences
guiding thousands of students, and summarizing Gnostic teachings

His work was reflected in books, audios and videos
translated into several languages.

In early 2000, V. M. Rabolú left his physical body,
dedicating his life to love deeply humanity.







" The Being is Being,
and the Reason for Being, is the same Being "






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